St Michael's Devotions


Devotions at St Michael's Shrine Kilmihil

Order of devotion which generally take place between May 8th and October 8th each year.

1. Five rosaries are recited while doing the rounds

2. The Litany, Hail Holy Queen is said in front of the Shrine

3. At the Altar are said the prayer to Christ the King and act of contrition

4. Stations of the Cross

5. Back at the altar  One: Our Father, One: Hail Mary and one Gloria for the Pope's intentions

6. Recite prayers to St. Michael And St. Senan.


Prayer to St. Michael

Holy Michael The Archangel, defend us in the our of conflict; be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God restrain him we humbly pray and do thou o prince of the heavenly hosts thrust down to Hell, Satan and all the wicked spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen

Prayer to St. Senan

Almighty God we thank you for the gifts we have received through the intercession of St. Senan your Bishop and Confessor. We make this prayer through Christ our King. Amen


Kilmihil parish is named after St. Michael the Archangel. The name St. Michael means "who is liked by God". He is the defender and protector of the Church against evil. He has appeared at different times through the ages.

St Michael's Shrine Kilmihil

Origin of Devotion to St. Michael in Kilmihil

It is believed that St. Michael's Church was founded by St. Senan around 530AD. He dedicated this church to St. Michael. In 1632 reputedly, a woman from Tullycrine, a Mrs O'Gorman dreamt on three successive nights that if she came to Kilmihil church (the old church, which is now in ruins) she would find a clump of rushes on the Southern end of the church grounds and if she dug there, water would gush forth and she would be cured of the gout and other afflictions. On arriving at the church the pony that she was riding moved onto the marshy ground and pulled a mouthful of grass. The tuft came away and the pony shook the dripping grass on Mrs O'Gorman and she was immediately cured. She and her son, Tom, went to the parish priest a Father Dermott O'Queally who was also cured .

News of this strange discovery and of its power to effect cures spread far and wide and many thousands flocked to the well. The then Bishop of Killaloe Dr O'Moloney dedicated the well to St. Michael.

The Shrine & Pilgrimage

For centuries Kilmihil became a place of pilgrimage to St. Michael especially in September as his feast day is on September 29th.

In 1937 the Curate of the parish Fr. Patrick O'Reilly, organised the improvement of the well and the surrounding area. The well is now enclosed and over this building is the Statue of St. Michael enclosed in glass. Concrete paths surround the well where people can make their rounds.

At the lower end there is an altar to Christ the King where Mass is said on the saint's feast day. In between the well and the altar which is consecrated ground, are beautiful Stations of the Cross, again enclosed in glass.

Kilmihil Shrine 29 May 2000