Rhyme from 1920's about  Garda Callan

In Kilmihil of vulgar tongue the people do be spaking ‘O

And writin’ it on carts and things, a lot of bother making’ O

The Sergeant says ‘tis against the law, and he won’t be refuted O

The bound offenders, one and all, he has them prosecuted O

He’s down on pluckin’ geese alive, and usin’hooks for fishin’ O

Perhaps you cannot catch a fly without his permission O

In Eddie’s name he nabs his game at market, fair and races O

And in the court he makes great sport, when he presents his cases O

Composed by Jim Lorigan

Extract from the book  'Kilmihil Revisited' published by Kilmihil Active Retirement  2012

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Mellie Enwright 1914-2009