We owe this story to the late Mellie Enwright. Frank Duff was the founder of the Legion of Mary, he died in November 1980.

The retelling of this story could never do justice to Mellie’s description of the event. The story was told after lunch with friends in Greygrove and those present are unlikely to forget the occasion. It was Mellie at her best with her natural wit and ability to recreate the event in all its detail.

When Frank Duff died, it was only natural that Kilmihil Legion of Mary would be represented at the funeral in Dublin and who better to represent them than Fr. Tom Murphy (our Parish Priest) R.I.P and the two stalwarts of the Legion Mellie and Mrs Kenny (both RIP).

Transport was an issue as Fr.Tom was not comfortable driving that distance or indeed driving in the city. A fellow legionary from another parish solved the transport problem. Fr. Tom ordained that they would meet outside the church in Kilmihil at 2.30 in the morning. It would be unthinkable that the members of the Kilmihil Legion would be reduced to standing in the porch or worse still on the pavement outside the Pro Cathedral due to not being there on time for the main event.

When the chauffeur arrived, Fr. Tom naturally sat into the front seat and the driver opened the back door for the ladies. When they were installed he produced a length of rope which he proceeded to tie from one door handle to the other across the laps of the two ladies. One of the doors had a tendency to open unexpectedly and the driver was somewhat nervous of an involuntary ejection of one of his back seat passengers at a roundabout. They proceeded towards Dublin with many rosaries being said for a safe journey and the repose of the deceased.

Not surprisingly given the hour they were travelling, they made excellent time and arrived in Naas at the hotel , where breakfast had been booked for 7.30 a.m., many hours earlier than anticipated by the staff. The door was firmly locked and this presented the ‘Colour Party’ with a dilemma. As they had been on the road for sometime and had fortified themselves with strong tea, nature was now beginning to call quite strongly. The ladies very conscious of being in the presence of the Parish Priest and the priest equally conscious of being in the presence of two such stalwart members of the Legion, were all in a bit of pickle. To quote Mellie ‘It was fortunate that the hotel garden contained not only manicured lawns but a considerable amount of shrubbery which on this occasion was put to very practical use’. Breakfast over the party continued to Dublin where they did indeed secure seating in a position that allowed them full part in the ceremony.