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Kilmihil Tidy Towns Committee 2018

Chairperson: Carmel O’Flaherty    

Secretary: Geraldine Hetherton

Treasurer: Angie Downes

The upkeep and appearance of our village reflects on all of us, whether we live in the village or its surroundings. The value of our individual properties is influenced by the local village facilities and the appearance of same. In the 2017 Tidy Towns Competition report, there was an overall improvement from the previous year.  It recommends that we draw up a 3 or 5 year plan of work to be done for the future.

Download a PDF of the Kilmihil 2017 Tidy Towns Report here

The Community Employment Scheme is a great benefit to Kilmihil and hopefully we will be able to avail of it well into the future.  The workers in this scheme have done marvellous work in the upkeep of the village and surroundings under the leadership of Mary Downes.  We would like to take this opportunity to wish her well in her retirement and to welcome Michael Lineen as the new manager.

We would welcome your suggestions as to how we might improve our village and develop a 3 or 5 year plan to work from.  The following are the different categories listed in the competition.

  1. Community involvement and planning
  2. Built Environment and streetscape
  3. Landscaping and open spaces
  4. Wildlife, habitats and natural amenities
  5. Sustainable waste and resource management
  6. Tidiness and litter control
  7. Residential streets and housing areas
  8. Approach roads, streets and lanes.

Share your ideas using the letter form delivered to the community earlier this year. If you didn't get it or cannot find it download a copy here:

PDF of Kilmihil Tidy Towns Committee letter of 30th January 2018